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Get Wired with Daco Worldwide

Published February 20th, 2024 by Beson4

Get Wired with Daco Worldwide


Building wires and cables are used in the construction for almost any project you could imagine. Most commonly known as branch circuit wiring in homes and businesses, these products are responsible for carrying electrical current to all power applications in a building or dwelling. From homes and office buildings to commercial and industrial properties, life as we know it simply wouldn’t be the same without wires and cables.


With that said, the quantity of electrical wires and cables needed to help a building thrive can be extensive based on the project at hand… And with quantity comes cost. At Daco Worldwide, we understand the need for and importance of high-quality electrical building products while also considering companies and individuals who are looking for cost-effective solutions, which is why we strive to continue to give our customers with the best of both worlds. Our mission and promise are to provide industry-leading solutions at the most competitive prices in the market.


THE PRODUCT: Copper THHN Wire & Cable
In Stock at Daco Worldwide!

Copper conductors are primarily used in conduit and cable trays for services, feeders and branch circuits in commercial or industrial applications as specified in the National Electrical Code. Voltage for all applications is 600 volts. SIMpull THHN® copper conductors are designed to be installed without the application of a pulling lubricant.


THE PRODUCT: Romex® NM-B Cable
In Stock at Daco Worldwide!

Romex® is a wide-reaching electrical wire used in several types of dry indoor wiring applications, mostly for homes and small businesses. It is comprised of THHN wires and is available in many different configurations and sizes and offers a special jacket design that makes it easy to pull through conduit. Voltage for all applications is 600 volts. Romex® also features an additional bare copper ground wire which can be slightly smaller than the rest of the insulated conductors. It’s a nonmetallic sheathed cable used only indoors for wiring to outlets and switches throughout homes and buildings.



The Benefits of Using High-Quality Electrical Building Wires


  • Safety & Reliability
  • Improved Electrical Performance
  • Compatibility & Adaptability
  • Cost Savings in the Long Run


As you can see, choosing electrical wires for your project is an investment that comes with numerous benefits. Daco Worldwide has always put a strong focus on quality for every product we offer. Our team can work with you to ultimately provide high-quality electrical building wire solutions that are not only right for your needs but meet and exceed industry standards.


As always, our team of knowledgeable sales professionals are ready and happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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